Interesting Travel Accessories 2022!

Interesting Travel Accessories 2022, travel gadget, unique, fun

Interesting Travel Accessories 2022!

Travel related items that we find interesting. Some seem practical. While others seem odd. Do they work? Will they help you?

If the item comes up in a travel product search they are eligible for the list. These items while some have great ratings, strong ratings are not required to make the list.

We hope that you will take this light hearted post as entertainment. You may also find a travel product you like in the meantime.


(Please note that these are affiliate links that help support the page)

A great way to stick out in a crowd!

Does it come with a transformation guarantee?

Can this later be traded in for divorced status if things don’t work out?

The world has come a long way from just stuffing paper money between…

Perhaps an upgrade over the person behind you kicking the seat?

Never leave it behind! Coffee lovers prayers have been answered!

Some hats are not worth saving, but if yours is then here you go..

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